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pregnancy nutritionist in Post Falls ID

Nesting Nutrition LLC

~Optimal Eating for Two~

• Learn what healthy eating during pregnancy actually looks like to make sure you're optimally nourishing both you & baby.​

• Receive expert nutrition advice for naturally managing pregnancy symptoms such as constipation, heartburn, nausea, high blood pressure and high blood sugar (including gestational diabetes).​

• Discover foods that are safe (and unsafe) to eat throughout pregnancy.​

• Get pregnancy nutritionist approved prenatal (and postpartum) supplement recommendations. 

​• Learn how to optimize your diet for healing during the 4th trimester and breastfeeding.
Post Falls, Idaho pregnancy nutritionist
Would you feel relieved to get all of your prenatal nutrition questions answered by a pregnancy nutritionist who's been in your shoes?
Pregnancy and postpartum nutrition topics can feel overwhelming, but take a deep breath mama...
I'm here to provide expert nutrition guidance!!!

As a pregnancy registered dietitian nutritionist, I can help you optimize the health of both you & baby and reduce any stress related to pregnancy & postpartum nutrition throughout your journey to motherhood.
Did you know that optimal pregnancy nutrition can impact:
Post Falls Idaho postpartum nutrition

Baby's bone & eye health

Gestational diabetes &


Risk of postpartum depression 

Baby's brain development & hand-eye coordination 

Baby's risk of birth defects & disease later in life

Healing in the 4th trimester & breastmilk nutrients

What other Mama's are Saying

The online prenatal nutrition course has been such a wonderful resource for me during my pregnancy. With so much information accessible today, it was a relief to have one clear, concise educational source from a highly reliable practitioner like Amanda. The videos were excellent with just the right amount of information so as to not be overwhelming. There is so much to learn during pregnancy, and this made it easy to feel prepared and successful. I also had the printable snack list on my refrigerator, taking the guesswork out of meal prep. Now that I am 37 weeks and preparing for the fourth trimester and breastfeeding, Amanda's course again is decreasing my stress about the next stage. I feel confident I am well educated without trying to find the time to read multiple books, blogs etc. I can't recommend Nourishment for Two enough! 


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