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Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need

Do you take insurance?
  • I am an out-of-network provider, but you still may be able to use insurance benefits to help cover the costs of your sessions. Some insurance plans offer out-of-network benefits, which means you initially pay for your nutrition services and then submit a form to get reimbursed a percentage of the fee (check your eligibility, by clicking here). If you're interested in pursuing insurance coverage, please let me know so I can help you!

  • I can also provide an itemized receipt to submit to your HSA/FSA/HRA for reimbursement. 

Do you offer personalized meal plans?

Yes! I create personalized meal plans customized for your unique nutrition needs to help you take the guess work out of what to eat! Suitable for those who are trying to conceive, currently pregnant (needs are adjusted based on your trimester) or postpartum/breastfeeding.


  • Food allergies and taste preferences will be accommodated.​

  • You will receive access to an easy-to-use app where you can schedule your meals (and swap out foods you don't like), access recipes, grocery lists and choose optional grocery delivery through Walmart, AmazonFresh, or Instacart.

  • Includes easy food logging to track your progress and meet your goals. 

  • Plans can be adjusted to accommodate for family members too!​

  • Receive your first 30 days for FREE if you purchase a one-on-one counseling package (option to continue your subscription at 20% off any package below).

  • Also available to purchase as a standalone service.


Subscription Options:

  • Month to Month

    • Billed every 30 days. No contract.

    • Cost: $59 per month

  • Quarterly

    • Billed every 3 months.​

    • Cost: $147 ($49 per month)

  • Annually

    • Billed once a year.​

    • Cost: $468 ($39 per month)

Watch this video to learn more!

I'm ready to sign up!

Is there a mobile app for the client portal?

Yes! Healthie's mobile app (available on iOS and Android with the app name Healthie) serves as a companion tool for clients for on-the-go communication, food logging, appointment scheduling, and more. The mobile app is free to download and utilize!

When does the prenatal nutrition course begin and end?

You will be able to watch the videos as soon as you purchase the course, and you will have access to the content for 1 year after the purchase date. The course is 100% self-paced so you can choose when to begin. Click here to enroll!

Can you answer questions about my pregnancy?

The purchase of the online course does not include answers to individualized questions. However, one-on-one nutrition counseling is customized to your unique needs and goals! Click here to schedule a 15 minute inquiry call to see if we're a good fit! 

What if I am not satisfied with the online prenatal nutrition course?

Due to the digital nature of the course, refunds are not available.

Which prenatal supplements do you recommend?

You can access my list of prenatal supplement recommendations on my FullScript website and save 10% on all orders by clicking here. Note: after creating an account and signing in, click on "View Protocols" to see supplement recommendations. Please consult your healthcare provider for individualized needs.

I also highly recommend the brand FullWell (not currently available on Fullscript). Their prenatal vitamins, fish oil and sleep tincture are all amazing!

Use my affiliate code: DOTTS10 to save 10% on your first order.

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