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Prenatal Supplements

Trusted Recommendations from a Pregnancy Nutritionist
Recommendations from a Pregnancy Nutritionist

You can access my list of prenatal (and postnatal) supplement recommendations on my Fullscript website and save up to 15% off all orders by clicking here.


  • Note: after creating an account and signing in, be sure you are viewing the "Catalog" tab. My prenatal and postnatal supplement recommendations are located under the "Ready-made community plans section". Please contact me for individualized needs.

There are three other prenatal supplement brands that I highly recommend, but they are not available via Fullscript.

  • The first brand is FullWell. Their prenatal vitamins, fertility booster, fish oil, iron, and sleep tincture are all amazing! Use my affiliate code: DOTTS10 to save 10% on your first order.

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