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Client Testimonials

What Other Mama's Are Saying about my Pregnancy Nutrition Services!!!

Amanda is extremely helpful and professional. She delivers wonderful information whilst maintaining a wonderful kind relationship with you. I absolutely would reach out with another gestational diabetes pregnancy and would highly recommend her to others.


I can’t thank Amanda enough. Her teaching and mentorship was a haven in a time of uncertainty and was incredibly empowering! I learned so much and eventually realized what a blessing my diagnosis of gestational diabetes was because it forced me to prioritize my nutrition and health over everything else. I’d recommend Nesting Nutrition to all my pregnant, postpartum and hoping-to-conceive friends!


Amanda was amazing!! Being diagnosed with gestational diabetes was extremely intimidating and overwhelming for me. I’m so thankful I sought help from Nesting Nutrition. She guided me wonderfully through the entire process. Giving me the tools and information I needed to keep myself and my baby healthy. Her encouragement, support, and knowledge made a huge difference in my pregnancy and now my postpartum journey. I recommend Nesting Nutrition to every momma I meet. 


This course has been such a wonderful resource for me during my pregnancy. With so much information accessible today, it was a relief to have one clear, concise educational source from a highly reliable practitioner like Amanda. The videos were excellent with just the right amount of information as to not be overwhelming. There is so much to learn during pregnancy, and this made it easy to feel prepared and successful. I also had the printable snack list on my refrigerator, taking the guesswork out of meal prep. Now that I am 37 weeks and preparing for the fourth trimester and breastfeeding, Amanda's course again is decreasing my stress about the next stage. I feel confident I am well educated without trying to find the time to read multiple books, blogs etc. I can't recommend Nourishment for Two enough!


Amanda was very engaging and helpful. She tailored the experience to my particular needs and concerns and took the time to really deep dive into what pregnancy nutrition looks like for me in particular. She offered multiple resources, tools, and recommendations to help me succeed in reaching my goals. I really appreciate her time and knowledge, and will be recommending her to all my friends looking for more care in pregnancy nutrition.


Having someone that can help me with my nutrition and supplement needs has been huge during pregnancy. It helps take away the stress of trying to figure out what my baby and body needs. I 100% recommend using Amanda!


Finding out you're pregnant not only brings a lot of emotions and excitement, but also a little stress. What to eat, what not to eat, are you eating enough, and what extra vitamins and nutrients should be added?? Amanda was a great resource for me going through pregnancy for any questions I had about nutrition. I hope anyone that has questions or needs help reaches out.


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