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Trusted Pregnancy Products & Services

Exclusive Savings!

  • Comprehensive prenatal supplements, men's multivitamin and much more! Dietitian formulated and high quality control.

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  • Get access to my most recommended, practitioner grade prenatal supplements.

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  • Clean grass-fed beef protein powder. Great for those struggling to meet protein needs.

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  • A zero-sugar electrolyte drink mix, with everything you need and nothing you don't. Their ratio stands out: LMNT delivers a truly meaningful dose of electrolytes without the sugar, fillers, or artificial coloring found in many other electrolyte drinks.

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  • Local Spokane WA company. They offer unflavored liquid and powder electrolyte drink mixes that contain pure, highly absorbable liquid minerals essential to human health. Their products do not have any preservatives, additives, or sweeteners.

  • Use my affiliate code: DOTTS10 to save 10% on your orders.

  • Organic postpartum freezer meal delivery option. Clean and delicious nutrient dense meals inspired by traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ayurveda and Weston A. Price. Their produce is organic, the oats and lentils are sprouted (for increased nutrient absorption), and the meat + eggs come from pasture-raised or regenerative farms. 

  • Use my affiliate code: DOTTS10 to save $20 on your first order of $200+.

  • Located in Hayden, Idaho - skilled massage therapists with expertise in prenatal massage and kid friendly yoga sessions for mamas.

  • Nesting Nutrition clients receive 15% off their first massage and two free yoga sessions.

    • Promo code will be provided during first session.

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