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Congratulations, you're having a baby....or possibly trying to conceive!!! I know this is a very exciting time for you and you're now trying to learn everything that you can to have a healthy pregnancy. I'm so honored that you have trusted me to assist you on this journey! Please see below for more details on my specialized prenatal and postnatal nutrition services.

Nourishment for Two - Online Prenatal Nutrition Course

Unlock the Nutrition Secrets to a Thriving Pregnancy!

This online program includes short videos with all of the important, evidence-based prenatal nutrition topics that you want to learn about! The course is completely self-paced so you can decide when to start and finish each topic. As an added bonus you'll also receive a 7-day sample meal plan, over 15 different nutrient rich recipes, an extensive grocery list and healthy snack ideas.

Course Topics:

  • What to eat during pregnancy - learn about essential nutrients to include in your diet and meal strategies to ensure optimal health for you & baby​​

  • What not to eat during pregnancy - includes details on foods high in pesticides, unhealthy choices, and controversial topics such as caffeine 

  • Prenatal Superfoods to include in your diet

  • Prenatal Supplements - recommendations and how they may be beneficial

  • Food safety tips for Pregnancy

  • Everyday toxins and how to avoid them

  • Tips for combating common pregnancy symptoms such as food aversions, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and constipation


Bonus Content:

  • Foods for healing in the 4th trimester 

  • Nutrition for breastfeeding and ways to enrich your breastmilk

Cost: $149.00

Pregnant Woman

Optimizing a Vegetarian Diet During Pregnancy - Online Course

Expert Nutrition Strategies for Optimal Pregnancy Health!

This online program includes short videos consisting of 12 different tips to help you optimize your vegetarian diet during pregnancy. Each tip includes in depth, evidence-based information explaining the reasoning behind the recommendation and how it will benefit you and baby. The program is completely self-paced so you can decide when to start and finish each topic. 

This course is for you if:

  • You're a lacto-ovo vegetarian and are pregnant or trying to conceive

  • You're looking for tips on what to eat to make sure you're including essential nutrients in your diet to ensure optimal health for you & baby​​

  • You're self-motivated to enhance the health of you and baby

  • You're wondering if your prenatal supplements are sufficient

This course may not be the best fit for you if:

  • You're a vegan (this would require more one-on-one customization)

  • You're opposed to taking supplements if you do not consume seafood, milk or eggs

  • You don't like self-directed work

Cost: $49.00

Coming Soon!
Pregnant Belly

One-on-One Virtual Nutrition Care

Elevate your Pregnancy Experience with Unlimited Nutrition Support! 

Every session is personalized to meet your unique pregnancy needs and goals to support the health of you and your baby.

What's Included:

  • Customized diet plan for a thriving pregnancy

  • Personalized nutrition resources and handouts

  • Individualized supplement protocols (also receive 15% off all purchases)

  • 30-day personalized meal plan subscription (see more details below)

  • Unlimited chat support with a pregnancy nutrition expert for the duration of your care (say goodbye to Dr. Google)

All sessions are held via a secure video telehealth platform called Healthie​.

Wondering if this is right for you? Schedule a free 15-minute inquiry call to see if we're a good fit!

Cost: Varies depending on package

Pregnant Belly

Personalized Meal Plans

Nourish your Pregnancy Journey and Eat with Confidence!

Enjoy a delicious, personalized meal plan customized for your unique nutrition needs and take the guesswork out of what to eat! Suitable for those who are trying to conceive, currently pregnant (needs are adjusted based on your trimester) or postpartum/breastfeeding.


Food allergies and taste preferences will be accommodated.

You will receive access to an easy-to-use app where you can schedule your meals (and swap out foods you don't like), access recipes, grocery lists and choose optional grocery delivery through Walmart, AmazonFresh, or Instacart.

Includes easy food logging to track your progress and meet your goals. 

Plans can be adjusted to accommodate for family members too!

Receive your first 30 days for FREE if you purchase a one-on-one nutrition counseling package (option to continue your subscription after the 30 days at 20% off any package below).


Also available to purchase as a standalone service.


Subscription Options:

  • Month to Month

    • Billed every 30 days. No contract.

    • Cost: $59 per month

  • Quarterly

    • Billed every 3 months.​

    • Cost: $147 ($49 per month)

  • Annually

    • Billed once a year.​

    • Cost: $468 ($39 per month)

Watch a this video to learn more!

Image by Ella Olsson

Pregnancy Nutrition Presentations

Delivering Vital Knowledge, Face-to-Face!

Would you like to host a pregnancy related nutrition presentation at a location near Northern Idaho or Spokane, Washington?


I'd love to connect with you and discuss how I can accommodate your request! 

Nesting Nutrition LLC
Questions about the services I provide? Feel free to reach out today!
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